Dairy Life Guidebook for Foreign Residents



Welcome to Higashihiroshima City!

About Higashihiroshima City

List of Necessary Formalities, Etc.

Procedures Regarding Immigration and Residence

Residence Cards

Procedures Regarding Residence, Etc.

Immigration Procedures

Important Formalities at the City Office

Resident Registration

Notifications When Moving Into or Out of the City, or Changing Address Within the City

Personal Seal Registration

Notifications Regarding Family Registers (Births, Deaths, Marriages, Divorces)

The National Pension Scheme (The Public Pension Scheme)

The National Health Insurance Scheme (Public Health Insurance)


Accommodation and Daily Life


Communication With the People in Your Neighborhood

When you move house, introduce yourself to your neighbors

Joining Your Neighborhood Community Association

Water Supply (Water and Sewage)

Electricity and Gas


Medical Services, Health and Welfare

Medical Treatment

Health (Adult Health)

Welfare (Long-Term Care Insurance, Disabled People, Etc.)

Child-Raising and Education

Mother-and-Child Health, Children, Mother-and-Child Welfare

Schools and Education

Transportation, Etc.

Driving in Japan

Traffic Rules

Public Transportation

Information and Consultation Services

Sources of Information for Foreigners

Consultation Services and Advice for Foreigners

Japanese Study

Map of Higashihiroshima City

Protecting Yourself in a Natural Disaster

Getting Information About Natural Disasters

Preparing for Natural Disasters

If You Have a Problem

Emergency Phone Numbers


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